sea green pool color

Here is a pool in which we would like to emulate the color.  This particular pool is tile, however we are looking to recreate the color with plaster.  This is a rather large departure for our local pool contractors so we are seeking professional opinions on obtaining this.  Thanks for the help.

2 thoughts on “sea green pool color

  1. Allan,

    I’ve gravitated to this problem, it’s just my nature.
    Check out the following:
    David Hockney’s Swimming Pool Series.
    PPPI glass bead manufacturing. High tec mfg of reflective coatings.
    Where is the pool? Southern US or in a freeze thaw situation?
    Is it for u or a client?
    Is the “holly crap, it’s tilled with one color mosaic, how did they have such restraint” factor a major part of this search?
    What does the pool in the picture look like in full sun? Is it blinding or do the clouds act as a lighting tent as though u were photographing a car ad?
    Feel free to call.
    Dale: 954 646 3931

  2. Hi David, thanks for the all the ideas. The Hockney stuff is cool. Do you have more info on the glass beads, like how to apply them and a ratio of beads to plaster. I am well aware that the sun and clouds play a major role in the color as the dark gray/black plaster we typically use is a beautiful dark blue water color once filled. Something that is coming up more is that the tan color may be the plaster color that gives a greenish hue to the water. I wish we had a couple of pools to experiment with. Thanks again.

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